Ciele Features 3.0


All Ciele Athletics caps feature a UPF +40 UV protection on the front panels and brim.
Throw some shade into those sunny day long runs.




We sweat. We get dirty.
Running in all conditions can take a toll on Ciele Athletics gear.
Throwing your cap in the wash at the end of a run might be a good idea along with hanging to dry.
Ciele Athletics caps wash well so you can wear em well.


performance fabrics

Ciele Athletics COOLwick™ performance fabrics are optimized to transfer moisture (sweat) away from your skin.
And to the outside of the fabric for quickest evaporation.


A pliable

Pliable. Bendable. Packable.
Call it what you will but that soft brim wins everyday over a hard brim.
Pack it away when you need to. Unpack and go without any fear of ruining your cap.
Pliability also mean you get a perfect fit every time.
No more pressure points!



All Ciele Athletics caps feature reflective details to keep you visible from dusk till dawn.
Don’t run the night unless you’re in sight.